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Energeria is a supplier of oilfield equipment and services to the oil and gas industry in West Africa.

We present a diversified product and service offering for our clients' drilling, completion and production operations. Oilfield Equipment & Services

Energeria has the relationships for global sourcing and procurement of oilfield materials, including maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) parts, and to manage the Supply Chain in an end-to-end manner. Fulfillment Services

Through our staff, partners and network of geoscience and engineering consultants, Energeria provides strategic, subsurface and engineering consultancy, project management & training. Decision Services

Energeria’s mission is “to provide the best decision, executed correctly the first time, on-time and on-budget”. Our people are “Professionals Delivering Practical, Reliable and Innovative Solutions through Technology”. We aim to be recognized for exceptional quality and reliability, a top service provider in our chosen areas.